Few jobs offer you the opportunity to save a life. As a fire fighter, you could be called upon to do this in a moments notice. That's why we need people with a strong desire to help others with courage and dedication to do the job they do. Because this job is so important, we make sure all of our members are expertly trained and properly equipped. If you want to do something important for your community and are willing to take on a challenging, but rewarding job, come down and talk to us.


For your efforts, you may receive the best reward any job can give.

Member Application Process


Thank you for showing interest in joining the Amherst Fire District!  Once the application is received by the Fire Chief the following process will take place:

1.  The Chief will complete a background investigation and contact references.  It is very important that the application is filled out completely and the release is signed so the appropriate contacts can be made. 

2.  At the next Officers’ meeting, probationary membership will be accepted or denied based on the application and background checks.  If probationary membership is denied, the Chief will notify you.  If the probationary membership is granted, the Chief will notify you and the Safety Officer.  Applicants may start attending meetings.

3.  The Safety Officer or Chief will contact you in regards to setting up the required Occupational Health physical exam.   Applicants should fill out the Physical Information form and submit it to the Chief along with the application form.  You will be notified when you should contact the Riverside Medical Center in Waupaca (258-1062) and identify yourself with the Amherst Fire District.  The physical will take approximately 1 ½ hours and you should dress casually (jeans and tennis shoes) as you will be required to do some physical activities.  The information will be used for personal health awareness and fire fighting readiness at the Amherst Fire District.  All reports are kept confidential.  Medical records will be maintained at Riverside Medical Center and the Fire Chief will maintain a firefighter readiness report.  Upon passing the required physical exam, you will be issued a pager, personal protective gear and SOG guidebook.  You will also be fitted for a SCBA face piece when entry level training starts.

4.  The probationary period is typically one year.  Upon the ending of the probationary period, the Officers will evaluate the member’s performance over the past year and a decision will be made as to acceptance or denial of permanent membership.  The Chief will notify you of the outcome.  If the application is denied for permanent status, the Chief or Assistant Chief will collect all the material and equipment which was originally issued under probation. 

This membership application process was created for the safety of not only the applicant, but for the safety of the existing members.  If at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Fire Chief.  We look forward to working with you!