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Few jobs offer you the opportunity to save a life. As an EMT or firefighter, you could be called upon to do this in a moment's notice. That's why we need people with a strong desire to help others with courage and dedication to do the job they do. Because this job is so important, we make sure all of our members are expertly trained and properly equipped. If you want to do something important for your community and are willing to take on a challenging, but rewarding job, come down and talk to us.


For your efforts, you may receive the best reward any job can give.

Member Application Process


1. Please complete an application and email it to or drop it off at the station in a sealed envelope.  If you have a resume and any applicable certifications, please include them with your application.  Please put "Membership Application, Attn: Victor Voss or Adam Meshak" on the envelope.


2. Once your application is received it will be reviewed and the applicant will be contacted for a station tour and interview.


3. Following the station tour and interview, references will be contacted, a driver's record check will be completed, a criminal background check will be completed and a healthcare provider background check will be completed.  


4. A 10 panel drug screen will then be completed at Aspirus Occupational Health in Stevens Point, WI.


5. Upon successfully completing the hiring process your orientation process and entry level training will begin.


6.  All new members will complete a probationary period which typically lasts one year.  Upon the ending of the probationary period, the Officers will evaluate the member’s performance over the past year and a decision will be made as to acceptance or denial of permanent membership.  The probationary member must have their entry level training completed before their status will be changed to permanent membership status.


If the application is denied for permanent status, the Chief or Assistant Chief will collect all the material and equipment which was originally issued under probation.  This membership application process was created for the safety of not only the applicant, but for the safety of the existing members.  If at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to working with you!


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